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​With almost 30 years' experience in the apparel manufacturing industry, we provide guidance and expertise to individuals, entities, corporates, and clubs that are looking for quality affordable apparel. We remove all risk associated with buying apparel from unreliable brands or third parties.

We provide a start to finish own brand apparel supply service, or we can recommend proven brands or Sedex approved manufacturers that we have worked with and trust, who provide quality merchandise and do not make false promises.

We have worked closely with clients to help them establish their own brand identity, create cohesive collections, and navigate what is indeed a difficult market. We have a deep understanding of the apparel industry, including fabric sourcing, production processes, design strategies and the complete supply chain process.

We can provide guidance on pricing, market trends, and building a strong brand image. We have a vast network of industry contacts, including designers, manufacturers and textile developers.

We have an eye for detail and can assist in designing and developing cohesive and innovative collections. 

We can also recommend proven trustworthy and reliable brands that offer sponsorship and contracts to sports clubs and education establishments.


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